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Craftjack - Founder Review

This is a follow up on my previous complaint against Craftjack. Noah, the founder, reached out to me. We played phone tag before we finally spoke, he eagerly returned my calls in a sincere effort to resolve. His follow up meant he was really interested in apologizing for the bad service and to improve service for his customers. After our long conversation I can confidently say Craftjack is a good company with solid management and values. This is... Read more
Craftjack's reply to:

Hi Renato, Thank you for taking the time to leave this. We're sorry you feel this way about our company, and would like to work together on solving any issues. We looked at your account and found the leads you were referring to. We've worked with you on these...
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Craftjack - Very bad experience, least i can say

Craftjack would not reimburse me on a few bogus leads i was given, they said that i had too many and that even though some leads were not real, i still had to pay for them. I cancelled my account and still got charged.
I have been with Craftjack since 2013. I have had many leads that have transpired through this service and understand that it is a best man win for the most part. I have in the last 4 months or so have been taken by the lack of quality of the leads, the alleged leads...
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I liked
  • I liked them for leads in the past
I didn't like
  • Feel they are a scam now
I really tried, for months. I was patient with this lead generation company. But after 6 months of being hung up on and not called back. I decided to cancel. That's when i realized how really BAD this company is. The first time i tried to cancel, i was told that i...
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This is the absolute WORST company I have ever done business with. First off the sales person lied to me over the phone. Then I was assigned an " Account Manager" to help me when ever I need help. I needed help so I called my account manager Jeremy @ extension 110, no...
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I liked
  • Account manager peter
I didn't like
  • Everything else
1. non refundable deposit $100. First sign its a scam. 2. Agreement is on a recorded line for the $100 3. Nowhere can you leave feedback on cfaftjack. The feature has been removed everyplace it's an option to. This company is a complete scam! They sell you phony...
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I didn't like
  • Whole company
Craftjack's reply to:

Hi Frank, We’re very sorry for the poor quality you received for both the leads and customer service. Both Paul and Max no longer work here as we continue to make every effort to provide our customers with the best service and experience we would expect for ourselves....
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